About Jamhar Kennel

We will treat every pet with a similar sympathy that we would expect for our own pets.

Jamhar Kennel is the brain child of Mr. Harish Pathak who is a very experienced and well known pet breeder in PCMC and Pune areas. His renown extends to many other parts of the country as well. Mr. Pathak has also completed various Government courses in breeding and training.

Jamhar Kennel is registered with the Kennel Club of India and is also an active participant in various events organized by it.

We, at Jamhar Kennel, having accumulated over 22 years of experience in pet sourcing and breeding, are committed to providing you with your favourite pets, all of which will come from healthy and pure bloodlines. Therefore your pet’s health, appearance and life expectancy are assured.

The relationship that we humans share with our animal counterparts is a special bond that began many thousands of years ago. Throughout that time, Man and his pet have brought to each other great joy. We recognize this emotion and aid in sharing that joy with our customers. This is our motto.






I can’t imagine buying a dog from anyone else



We are truly thankful that we learned about Labradors



Exactly what I wanted and needed.



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